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Dinner and a Show. Oh, Yeah.

Mrs Lizardo is out in LA visiting the new nephew so the dog and I are on our own. I'm doing what middle aged men do when left alone for too long, especially men that are lucky enough to find a beautiful blonde mundane to put up with them - too much red meat, alcohol, fried foods and genre movies.

Tonight I started with some Balvenie Peated Cask.


Then a 14oz ribeye (double my usual red meat portion), and Yukon gold fries. The ribeye is an interesting cut. I think I like the idea of the ribeye more than the meat itself. It is just so beautiful in the butcher's case and it has the big chunk of fat in the middle (the eye) which I was planning on giving to the dog even before the butcher had wrapped it up. 90 seconds on a side on a 750F grill with a three or four minute rest (while I did the second fry of the fries) and it was a beautiful rare steak that Mrs Lizardo would have put back on the grill for a couple of minutes, but I think a strip has more taste. It was still delicious. I only used Yukon gold potatoes for the fries because the store only had russets in 5lb bags. These worked fine. A little lighter and cooked a little faster than russets, but they satisfied my french fry cravings. I cut them on the mandolin into 10mm cross sections - another thing Mrs Lizardo cringes over, but I still have all my finger tips.

All with a good Cab

And later some brandy probably.

Meanwhile, I'm watching de Laurentiis' Dune which the TiVO captured off BBCA a month ago. Is this some British or extended version or something? The opening narration is not done by Irulan's head floating in space, but some faceless male narrator. He keeps chiming in through the first quarter of the movie giving me backstory that I already know. I think some scenes are added, like a scene with Paul and Duncan Idaho or longer, like the opening scene with Shaddam and the Navigator. I had never seen this version before or even knew that it existed.


Only problem is, who's going to do the dishes? That's Mrs Lizardo's job.

By the way, the dog loved his fat, even though his tummy is a little upset lately.


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