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Dino-Riders: The Film Synopsis

My love for Dino-Riders is no secret. In fact, I never shut up about my desire to see a remake up on the big screen. So devoted to this idea am I, that I've decided to do a Kickstarter in hopes of realizing this (admittedly long shot) goal. But before you can make a film, you need a screenplay. And before you write a screenplay, you need an idea.

My original thought was to do a tale about the cartoon characters transposed to film. Then I realized the characters don't matter. We didn't love Questar or Gunnur or Mind-Wei or Serena. We loved dinosaurs with frickin' lasers attached to them. That's all we care about. And that's what we all want to see.

This breakthrough made me realize I can go completely batshit crazy with the idea, to make a film so insane (but fun!) that you'll walk out of the theater smiling to yourself and needing a cigarette, even if you don't smoke.


I was watching Django Unchained last night when I had another breakthrough. I can go full Tarantino with it, to make a film that's not just a celebration of Dino-Riders, but all science-fiction. All fantasy. Obviously I won't have nearly the budget he commands, but that will actually work in my favor. It will force me to be truly creative and focus on character development, as opposed to being reliant on special effects. I can also use it to my advantage by harking back to the days of the original Star Wars and other classics.

The idea I've been rolling around in my head is the tale of two female thieves held aboard the Valorian cruiser, being transported back to Valoria when the ship is attacked by the Rulon armada. During the crisis, the two convicts manage to escape, but not before the ship crashes on the dinosaur planet, a nature preserve. Thus a kind of "Thelma and Louise" story begins, in which the convicts try to evade the Valorian authorities as well as the Rulon enemy. They use stolen telepathic medallions to communicate with two Gallimimus, and use the ostrichlike creatures to flee the pursuing Valorians, who obtain their own Mesozoic mounts.

I won't spoil the whole thing here, but it's safe to say the two women get caught in the war between the Valorians and the Rulons. My question is, is this idea any good? Or should I start over from scratch?

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