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Dirk Gently “Girl Power” Spoilerific Reaction Thread

Are we talking magical power here or empowerment? The ladies of this show don’t necisarrily need wands or magical debilitating diseases to be powerful. Bart is a force of nature and Farah is just bad ass.

When last we left Amanda, she had begun to come into her magical powers. Aided by the forest witch Wakti Wapnasi she was even able to spring the rest of the Rowdey 3 and bring them to Wendimoor. Their timely arrival saves the Bojufi Nepoo from an attack by Kellum Knights. Quite the feast for Martin, Grips and Cross, who were slowly being starved by Blackwing.


Now that they’ve been reunited, will they take the fight to Kellum Knights and the Mage?

Where is the arsenal the Mage sent through to Wendimoor headed?

Back on Earth, Suzie stalks Dirk to a rock concert (having used her son as bait). Her attempt on his life is foiled by the press of the crowd. Her wand hits the floor but not before releasing an errant spell. Does magical E (ecstacy) show up on a drug test?

Honesty is more than the best policy. It’s like our crew can’t help but speak what’s in their heart. Everyone is feeling fine, the cares of the case all but forgotten. The don’t know how close at hand the danger is or what will happen if Suzie regains her wand.

From the promo, it looks like they get away, but are they any closer to learning the identity of The Boy?


Are they still under the influence of Suzie’s spell?

Speaking of Suzie, she’s looking a little worse for wear. I can’t wait to see how that happened.


Welcome to the Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Spoilerific Reaction Thread.

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