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Dirk Gently “The House Within A House” Spoilerific Reaction Thread

The abandoned Cardenas house holds more than mysteries. There’s a slide to another world... or at least another version of the Cardenas house. And Dirk has gone right down the rabbit hole.

The Mage has been creeping around inside the house, so chances are good that Dirk is now in Wendimoor. Won’t the Wendimoorians be surprised.


It may not only be closet slides in abandoned houses that leads to Wendimoor. After their miraculous escape from a hotel bathroom (last episode) Amanda & Vogel find themselves in a strange new place.

Oh and Friedkin finally lets Ken out of the cab, in exchange for some IT assistance. Meanwhile, a Ken-less Bart strikes up an unusual friendship with Panto, the pink-haired prince from Wendimoor.

Welcome to another Dirk Gently’s Holistic Derective Agency Spoilerific Reaction Thread.

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