Posted this the other day on the TV Recap for the Tomorrow People episode (I think it was ep3?), but apparently it's still bugging me so I thought I'd throw it out to the O'Deck.

This mini rant depends on a spoiler for that episode, so if you care about that, stop reading now.

Okay, so Cara was deaf, which I thought was fuckin' awesome (being hard of hearing myself, as some of you may know).

What did those morons do? They made getting psychic powers somehow cure her deafness.

First of all, what the hell do psychic abilities have to do with hearing? You don't see the other people suddenly morph into platonic ideals of human perfection when they manifest (although that might explain why everyone has great abs).


Secondly, they've screwed themselves out of a unique and cool opportunity to show that she uses her powers to fake normal. I know that's what I would do, why I always wished for telepathy as a kid (and yeah, sure, now). That would allow them to tell stories that haven't been told before, would make Cara and the show a little more interesting, etc. etc.

This annoys me so much that I'm going to do it myself, because fuck you, CW. Previously I didn't do it because then people would be all, "Mary Sue, much?" and shit, but hell with it. All things considered, someone's gonna say that anyway.