Last Friday night ImaginaryFriend put up this thread asking people to share their unpopular opinions. Many of us did including this one that I shared. Most interestingly, the opinion that engendered the most discussion was this other one shared by Matt McC. So, in an effort to have my opinion changed and in completion of a promise I made to Matt:

I admit I have not seen a lot of independent films. I live in a small-ish town with one movie megaplex (currently showing 11 movies if you count 2D/3D as the same movie) so we really don't get much in the way of indie films. Does District 9 count as indie? I saw that here in town. Since they don't show the movies they don't show the trailers. My DVR effectively immunizes me from television advertising. Other than the occasional shout-out here on io9 I really don't get exposed to what titles might be out there. It is very likely I'm missing the boat. Please point me to the dock so that I can find the boat.


I've seen Moon and Robot & Frank, both of which I thought were great. I saw Primer which I thought had a fascinating idea for a time travel story but was told, filmed and acted in the most boring way possible. I understand low budget requirements on lighting and special effects but would it kill you to paint a wall, frame a shot in an interesting way, or convince your actors to display some real emotion? Non-genre, I watched Lost in Translation last year. I watched Somewhere last week (I'm convinced that if Elle Fanning can keep her head on straight that she will be a force in Hollywood for decades). Both of them were so uninteresting that I ended up fast-forwarding big chunks of them in the hopes that something, ANYTHING, would happen to the characters. Alas.

It's not that I require dazzling SFX and explosions or laugh out loud comedy to enjoy a movie. My favorite film is Casablanca. I loved Schindler's List (I'm not sure loved is the right word since I sat in the theater with tears streaming down my face but you know what I mean). I enjoyed Atonement. I think Hanna would have been just as fascinating if they had left all the violence implied and off-screen. That said, as I said in my post, I think that most independent films are self-involved, boring twaddle.

If you disagree I leave it to you to convince me otherwise. Bring your best arguments and suggestions and I will do my best to see your side.