Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

What is going on in your minds not just to rename the film Zoomania - but the city in it as well??? All the effort you went through to pull that off - not just in the dubbing but especially in actually digitally changing the every single sign and other occurrences of the written word..... Why? It’s not even... I know it’s called Zootropolis in some countries - I don’t get that either, but at least it sounds like the name of a place! Zoomania sounds like - well to be honest, it does actually sound like the name the major plot device of the film could have - even though it doesn’t. You could have actually called the film Zoomania, and it would have made sense, but - not the damn city. Why? Is there anything inherently wrong with Utopias? Are we to hip to call anything after Thomas Moore’s book? You’re - weird, Disney, Germany.

Also - I do appreciate the effort of having the two henchmen of the drug-cook getting dubbed by the German vocies of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman....That got a chuckle out of me.


Also also: Hiring Shakira must have been the most pointless VIP voice acting gig ever. That randomly inserted character did absolutly nothing for the plot and no other reason to be there than to be there. Do the kids really care about Shakira enough, nowadays?

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