Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Distopian short film The Sand Storm, now avaliable to watch.

This sci-fi short was shot independently in China had it's post-production successfully kickstarted last year.

Obviously nine minutes isn't much time to build a narrative arc, so what the film offers us is just a glimpse into a wider world, one in which water has become a scarce commodity, but one some are still willing to pay to use foolishly.


I should note this film can't really be considering in isolation from it's creation, which involved filming licitly around the house arrest of it's key actor; dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei-wei.

Ai plays a water smuggler, a near constant presence in the film but seemingly barely visible to those around him, he is, like the artist, a dissident both embraced and shunned for what he offers people.

I'll refrain from getting into any in-depth analysis but I will say that the film is an interesting watch before you read up on Ai's life and work, and a fascinating one afterwards.

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