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This Friday’s musical lineup brought to you by The Buzzing (2003), by Jim Knipfel. If you read only one book this year, read something else. But if you wanna read a novel set in a world in which it turns out all the old Toho movies were really docudramas and only a New York tabloid reporter can get to the bottom of things (i.e., Seatopia), it’s probably your jam.

“So Slaughter and I start talking about movies. Most everything NASA does can be traced back to some movie or another—every single project. They’re great that way. Anyway, so these guys, obviously, all know their movies, right? So we start talking. An hour and a lot of whiskey later, we’re arguing over whether The Green Slime or Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster contained the greatest movie theme song of all time.”

“Jesus Christ,” Montgomery exhaled. “Never ask him anything else ever again.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought—there was no question. I mean, ‘The Green Slime’ versus ‘Save the Earth’? C’mon. Next thing you know, glasses are flying, and ashtrays, and fists, we’re on the floor, rolling around under the tables.”

“Very noble cause, let me say.”

“Well, he kicked the shit out of me—those NASA guys are tougher than they look—but I was right and would not concede.”

“You were right?”

“About the song—‘Green Slime’—amazing song. I could sing it for you if you like. Even the rarely heard second verse.”

“Save The Earth” (dubbed version feat. Adryan Ross)

“Theme From The Green Slime” (Richard Delvecchio, including rarely heard second verse)


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