Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Do Not Adjust Your Set

So let's talk about how I have General Uneasiness when it comes to Big Water. I'm fine with creeks, ponds, even rivers. . . but I prefer my lakes to be narrow, and anything bigger than that makes me get an eensy bit twitchy—especially when I fly*.

I'm usually okay crossing Lake Michigan—it only takes about 10 minutes, but I HATE flying out of JFK because of the water takeoffs over Jamaica Bay.)


So today I'm flying again, and the pilot announces that we will be routing over the Atlantic for part of the trip. I. Am. Not. Prepared. For. This.

Luckily, my favorite coping skillz include internet over-sharing and terrifying research. Let's talk about The Bermuda Triangle, which we all know has been eleventy-three percent debunked, but that was before I decided to make an impromptu trip through it.**

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Or not, actually, because once I started researching the trivia it was all the things I (and I'm sure you) have seen on Discovery Channel a bazillion times. We'll do this instead:

Tell me about your favorite brush with Haunted Attractions!

Aliens, Ghosties, Fair Folk, Devil's Curves, Gravity Hills . . . what has *personally* made your spine tingle?


(Any un-corrected typos in this document are entirely the fault of the Devil's Triangle, not me. )


*Which is weird anyway, because I LOVE flying. Zero problems with the loss-of-control when I'm over land, but just knowing I've got aquamarine under azure gives me a tic.

**For a given value of "through***".

***More like "adjacent to". Or "kind of near". Or "close enough to amuse me, dammit."

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