Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I was recently reminded by an paper my sister sent me (anthropology seems to have the best...):

his article examines cultures of anonymity (or 'nonnies') and secrecy in online slash fandom through textual analysis of fannish reaction to gay magazine DNA publishing slash content. I use the experiences of infamous slash manip artist mythagowood from the Supernatural fandom community to read this critical moment of online discourse creation. Specific cases on LiveJournal communities spnanonhaven and fandomsecrets are examined to reveal pockets of conservatism, or 'pearl clutching', online. Within the context of male slash production, I examine the implications of nonnies and their efforts to keep slash secret, which is the enactment of an online 'slash closet'; and conclude by considering what cultures of anonymity and secrecy mean for male slashers, many whose slash practice is inextricably linked to direct identity construction.

Illustration for article titled Do Not Click, the Ickening

that one should NOT image search mythagowoods (one word, plural) with safesearch off if one wants to keep your intestines under control (if you try it with google search, you need to add "porn" to really take safesearch off.


Any other suggestions for single words not to tell your grandma to image search (avulsion was my first real surprise (very tame on Bing, actually) and we all know about teratoma, right? That's like, image search 101).

So! Don't click on my links, and gross each other out.

On Topic Defense: Mythagowoods is a noted fanartist, and the other two searches are for science.

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