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My wife and I just started watching this, and are about four episodes in. At this point, it seems abundantly clear that the "wicked witch" is actually the good guy here, and that Emma Swan is the villain.

I mean, a woman who gave her child up for closed adoption forces herself back into the young child's life against the express wishes of the child's legal guardian? And then spends her time helping the child undermine his adoptive mother? What the heck?!

(There are other problems, but this is the most egregious.)

Do they ever address this? Does it ever get better, or should we go back to watching Kitchen Nightmares?


EDIT: Oh my gosh, we just watched another one . . . a psychiatrist just threatened the adoptive mother, that she's going to face a custody battle for her kid (this came out of nowhere) . . . how the heck . . . oh my gosh! I was literally speechless.

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