it had a different title? Last night I finished my playthrough of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Was it a good game? Yes. Did it stand up as a sequel to Amnesia? No. Spoilers for both Amnesia games

Machine for Pigs I think was trying very hard to focus more on the story than the horror, and while I can appreciate a good story, Amnesia was one of the scariest games I ever played and for me that's half the fun of playing. To be scared witless.

The story is good, nothing too amazing (which is a further disappointment. If the story had been grand and epic I could forgive the fewer scary moments). While I can't fault it for using the same plot point of "Our main character did horrible, horrible things before and couldn't handle the guilt so he gave himself amnesia" I do have to admit that it lessened the shock. In the first game, when I learned of how far Daniel had gone to try to rid himself of the Orb's Guardian I was just blown away by how utterly horrific it was.

If this game had just been called "A Machine for Pigs" I think I would have enjoyed it more for what it was than for what I thought it "should be".