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Do you ever just find lost things in the strangest places?

When I was a kid, I actually lost my first copy of Pokemon Red version. I was crushed, obviously. It was literally the game that got me in to gaming. My parents bought me Pokemon Yellow for my birthday a week later, but I always wondered what happened to it.

Last night, I stopped by my parents house after work for a little bit to see them and my little sister. Before leaving, I went in to our storage closet to look for something for my mom. I reached up and slid a box off the top shelf and suddenly it falls to the ground. So its just been up there all this time? I lost it before we had even moved in to that house, how could it have gotten up there?


But still, happy to have finally found it after, what, 15 years? It even still works, amazingly enough. It's really cool to see my original first Pokemon team. Charizard, Hitmonchan, Lapras, Nidoking, Gengar, and Marowak.

So have you guys ever found something after such a long time or just in a particularly weird place?

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