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Do you want to know what a Time Lord in a Wig looks like?

Like this, actually. But jokes aside, we've got the first fan pics from filming of the Doctor Who Christmas Special (so the lightest of spoilers beyond the cut) - and they show off just how Matt Smith will look hiding his currently sheared locks...


Unsurprisingly, he looks like Matt Smith before he had a close encounter with a pair of grade one clippers:

Filming took place today at Lydstep Park, Galbalfa - the football pitch right next to Lydstep Flats, aka the Powell Estate in Rose et al.


It seems Matt's wig holds up to windy conditions a lot better than poor Jenna's locks.


Especially windy conditions, as Matt and Jenna are joined by a Turkey in a particularly blustery scene. It wouldn't be Christmas, otherwise!

BONUS ROUND: Jenna Louise Coleman in a short skirt and a christmas paper hat.


My word...


Bonus Bonus Round: Some more high quality Pap pictures over at Wales Online.

[Image Credits: @Ryantfarr (1, 2), @Pondsforever, @TheSilverCloak]

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