Like this, actually. But jokes aside, we've got the first fan pics from filming of the Doctor Who Christmas Special (so the lightest of spoilers beyond the cut) - and they show off just how Matt Smith will look hiding his currently sheared locks...

Unsurprisingly, he looks like Matt Smith before he had a close encounter with a pair of grade one clippers:

Filming took place today at Lydstep Park, Galbalfa - the football pitch right next to Lydstep Flats, aka the Powell Estate in Rose et al.


It seems Matt's wig holds up to windy conditions a lot better than poor Jenna's locks.


Especially windy conditions, as Matt and Jenna are joined by a Turkey in a particularly blustery scene. It wouldn't be Christmas, otherwise!

BONUS ROUND: Jenna Louise Coleman in a short skirt and a christmas paper hat.


My word...

Bonus Bonus Round: Some more high quality Pap pictures over at Wales Online.

[Image Credits: @Ryantfarr (1, 2), @Pondsforever, @TheSilverCloak]