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Doc-Tor-Who Is Re-Quired to check out my Custom 3D Printed War Machine

It’s been a while since I posted anything from my 3D Printing Doctor Who project, but I’ve been working on this particular design for quite some time.

I promised the folks on Facebook I’d post a fancy video of me driving the War Machine around when it was complete, so here is the “technically correct” version of that video.

I say “technically correct” because the ThinkGeek GoBrix motors, while easy to install, are too under-powered to move the War Machine around reliability. What you see here is an edited clip showing the few times it *didn’t* stall out and fail to move. The design is intended to incorporate 4 different RC motors (2 for drive, one for the arms, and 1 for the radar dish) but I sadly had to strip all but the two drive motors out, then carve up the insides with a soldering iron to get the weight down to a point where it would mostly trundle forward. Even so, it still didn’t have the torque required to turn, which is why you only ever see it moving in a straight line.

I am currently working on a super-stripped-down version that cuts off every spare bit of internal surface area and swaps out the arm gearing for cams in the hopes that future versions will be more mobile, but for now, it still functions fine as a regular non-RC toy, and looks great on the shelf next to all my other custom 5" scale figures.


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