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Doctor Strange Spoilerrific Megathread

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International theaters saw Doctor Strange last week, and I think we need to start reacting, discussing, complaining and being delighted by this fun crazy little movie. If you are American, tough. But enough about the elections, the movie opens on Friday for you, friends. My reactions are spoiler free, but the comments are no man’s land.


So leave your comments, reviews, memes and the like below. I will be updating and reposting this thread for the next week or so.

I saw this movie on IMAX 3D last Saturday. My spoiler free reactions:

  • Holy fuck the visuals are fantastic and crazy and fantastic and I need a drink.
  • Magic Tony Stark is more endearing than Regular Tony Stark. They’re definitely beard bros.
  • This movie felt like a mix of Thor and Ironman.
  • Yet another competent but sidelined woman getting caught in the loop for comic relief while the guys do stuff. Still fun, but kinda getting extra tropey.
  • This was definitely worth it on a giant screen and in 3D. Mostly because of all the CGI.
  • The magic-ception effects were seriously cool, and the multiverse stuff felt like ripped out of the comic strip and given more threedees. It was cool.
  • Some plot developments felt super super rushed. Like you start with a nice origin story, then a learning experience montage, then shit hits the fan and then it’s over.
  • Cultural insensitivity aside, Tilda is still fantastic.
  • Fun little mid-credits scene, and super relevant (check the comments if you wanna be spoiled).
  • As with all Marvel movies, the timeline in this movie is best not thought about if you want to keep your sanity.
  • I like you, Mr. Cape.
  • Moral ambiguity is not your thing. Stop trying to make it your thing.
  • Violence was a lot more graphic than I expected. It felt a lot more personal and with big stakes for the little people. Mind you, it still was a PG13 movie.
  • Lots of visual comedy going on.

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