Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The BBC have released a new 30 second trailer for Doctor Who's upcoming première episode, Deep Breath. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe?

BBC One have tweeted a brand new trailer for the first episode of Series 8, encouraging fans to share it online - and it's full of lovely things, like Vastra and Jenny getting into some sword fighting action, The Doctor on Horseback, another look at the rejiggered console room (which, as is a running joke in Doctor Who when it comes to TARDIS redecoration, Clara states that she's not a fan of), and of course, an exquisite looking Dinosaur that's enough to make Invasion of the Dinosaurs look like... well, erm, Invasion of the Dinosaurs.


But the weird thing is, outside of this enterprising fan's upload to Youtube above (EDIT: Now replaced with a HD version directly from the BBC) and with access to the direct link itself - courtesy of the Radio Times - the tweet can't be found on the BBC's timeline or in normal searches, but it hasn't actually been deleted. And it's not up on any of their other social media channels yet, either. Odd viral marketing twist, or slight fudge-up in a release schedule? Who knows, but let's just sit back and enjoy it for now, shall we?

Doctor Who returns August 23rd on BBC One and BBC America.

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