Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled iDoctor Who /iBecoming More Americanised With Plans For A Writers Room On The Cards

In latest news from Radio Times it appears that Chibnall, who will be taking the reigns from Moffat in 2018, is already planning big changes to how the show is made, primarily through the rumoured adoption of the ‘writers room’ system seen in the US where the core writing team is made up of a number of full-time employed writers who work on the show full time. This is at odds with how the UK system is down where episodes for many shows including Doctor Who are instead written largely by freelancers who are paid for the script alone.

The rumoured plans not only suggest that Chibnall wants to put his own mark on the show much like previous showrunners but that the higherups both on the show and at the BBC are focusing more on international markets than the declining domestic audience for the revived show, which fell by an average of just over a million this past season alone and is down four million from its UK peak in 2010 (http://guide.doctorwhonews.net/info.php). This could not only see it moved away from its UK focused stories seen for the last 50+ years but also see increased episode numbers to make it more profitable in syndication.



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