Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Doctor Who: "Name of the Doctor" spoilers? Nope.

After all the hubbub this week about pre-shipped DVD sets and people getting to see "The Name of the Doctor" early, I couldn't resist scouring the InterWebs for news.

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Know what I found? LOTS. And that's just what it is: lots and lots of contradicting speculation. Nobody knows for sure... because my bet is the whole "DVDs shipped early" thing is a hoax/promo scheme to garner more attention for the season finale.

So, running theories I've collected (and I created none of these myself, actually, and I consider them all unfounded speculation) are:

* Clara is a future Doctor regeneration

* Clara is River Song

* The Doctor is The Master 'reborn'

* The Doctor is Omega

* The Doctor is not an actual Gallifreyan, but a 'created' being that the Time Lords created to serve their purposes


* that his name, once we learn it, will only create more questions while answering few 9this one I believe, actually, as it is vague and generalized)

* Clara is a projection of the TARDIS, or a creation of it, or an offshoot of it (aka the TARDIS has a split personality and Clara is one half of it)


* Clara is the Doctor's daughter (or granddaughter)

* Clara is the Doctor's mother (ew!)

* The Doctor we see now is not the Doctor we think he is (which may be supported by a semi-confirmed report of John Hurt's character in the 50th Anniversary episode.)


* The Doctor is another TARDIS in human form (which leads to all sorts of odd questions about the police box TARDIS)

* The Doctor is being remote-controlled by a greater intelligence, or something...


And people, these are just the mild rumors... there's some seriously batshit crazy ones out there.

Got any to add? Allons-Y!

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