Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I just heard a promo for the CBC radio One program, "As it Happens". Tonight they will be discussing the enduring appeal of Doctor Who.

The guest who will be speaking of the topic is Graeme Burk. Graeme is the coauthor of two books about Doctor Who along with Robert Smith? (Yes, the question mark is supposed to be there): Who is the Doctor, and Who's Fifty. They are also the coeditors of the Time Unicorporated Series. Graeme is also the past editor of Enlightenment, the fanzine of the Doctor Who Information Network, North America's oldest surviving Doctor Who fan club.

The show is on from 6:30 to 8 pm EST, I am not sure when the interview will be. But you will be able to listen to it at the website after the show is over.


Early today, the Robert Smith? also gave an interview on the topic of Doctor Who to the CBC radio program "Q". If Robert Smith?'s name seems familiar, he is a biomathematician who wrote a paper on the spread of a zombie plague a few years back.



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