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Doctor Who on Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 4 extra are running a few Big Finish 5th Doctor stories over the next few weeks & the first part of the first story ‘Heroes of Sontar’ was on last Saturday & will be on the iPlayer for the next five days, followed by part two next Saturday at 6pm. (2x60min) The BBC don’t release schedule information that far ahead but I thought they might run the next two Big Finish 5th Dr stories ‘Kiss Of Death’ & ‘Rat Trap’ after that but it looks like they’re probably going to broadcast four shorter episodes ‘The Demons of Red Lodge’, ‘The Entropy Composition’, ‘Doing Time’ & ‘Special Features’ (4x30min) instead.

BBC radio normally works outside the UK & it looks like each episode will be available for a week after broadcast.


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