Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Your TARDIS lands in the Old West. According to history, this is the site of Groverton’s Hearth, a desolate ghost town. When you step out, however, you see that business is booming! The town is packed.


There’s a mine just west of the heart of town, and hard working men drag out... suitcases? Suitcases full of garbage and old, broken furniture, to be precise. Which they take to the Appraiser, in exchange for gold nuggets.

The mayor of Sweet Fortune is only too happy to greet you; you’re welcome to go almost anywhere you like. But the Appraiser is a busy man, and you don’t have an appointment.

This mod works a treat for fans of the Old West. It’s packed with tropes of any classic Western, while giving them a Doctor Who twist. The villain of the day is a Time Lord named The Victor— A Con Man on his third incarnation. He has met you before, but you have not met him yet. To make matters more complicated, one of your companions used to run with him when he was a younger, angrier Time Lord.

It is up to you to uncover why the Victor set up an entire boom town in the middle of nowhere, what the locals are digging for, and what he plans to do with it if you can get his hands on it. In this incarnation, the Victor is not to be trusted. He’s not as dangerous as someone like the Master, but he’s every bit is cunning, selfish, and ambitious. He desperately wants whatever’s at the bottom of the mine, and he doesn’t care how many bodies he has to throw at it in order to get it.

As always, violence is not the answer to winning the day. You have to think like a con man if you want to outwit the Victor, especially if he gets his hands on his prize: a time lord relic from the Time War— the Scepter of Attrition: a psychic device that alters the mechanics of friction. It can make its bearer untouchable, but it can also cause earthquakes, even ignite the air surrounding you.

I enjoyed the Mod so much, I turned it into a spec script for Twelve and Bill, and was quite pleased with the results. Everything you need to run the mod can be found here (along with the spec script, because why not). 


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