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Doctor Who RPG: Cradle of the Cybermen

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TELOS: the once dormant Tomb of the Cybermen has been renovated, refurbished, and remade into the first CyberMuseum. Owned and operated by the Curator, a Time Lord on his third incarnation, the Museum has helped educate its visitors on the very real danger the Cybermen represent. The museum has run smoothly for over a century, and nothing has ever gone wrong... Until today.

You and your team are guests at the museum, free to explore the entire space, as it was featured in Tomb of the Cybermen. However, the Curator’s apprentice, Secundisveloxee, has gotten it into his head that he can impress his master with a demonstration... something to give the guests a ‘more genuine experience’. He has restored a handful of cyber-suits to give the visitors a scare. Unfortunately for him, the Cybermen have begun harvesting the Ood custodial staff for parts, and are becoming a threat once more.

It is up to YOU to stop the Cybermen before they escape the planet, by any means necessary. Diplomacy and cleverness can win the day (although violence is still an option).



For this game, Gallifrey has been restored, Time Lords are slowly making their way back into the universe, and doing their best to help. (They learned their lesson after the Time War.) Your PCs can play Time Lords in training, companions, even Time Agents.

I’ve prepared music and sound effects from the classic series, a guided museum tour, and audio cutscenes.

The files to run this game can be found on Dropbox here.

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