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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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For my third mod, I wanted to create an original villain. I also wanted to answer a question that was really never answered the first and last time the species showed up in classic Who. The serial was called Pyramids of Mars, and the species was called the Osirans: Ancient, powerful, jackal–headed Aliens that inspired the Egyptian pantheon. By the time the Fourth Doctor mentions them, they have disappeared from the universe.


Graveyard of the Gods takes place on the Osiran home world. It is hidden behind a canopy of nano–fabric: Living smart material that creates a reflective surface that surrounds the entire planet. Passing ships cannot find it, and light cannot penetrate it. Unless, of course, a pirate ship crashes into your TARDIS, sending both careening through the canopy.

Your TARDIS crashes to the surface of a planet paved in obsidian glass. There are crashed ships to the left and to the right of your own wreck. While your shift begins repairing itself, a distant city begins to awaken. The black glass is actually comprised of solar panels, covering every square inch of the planet surface.

As you explore, you find a Sontaran battleship, and the audio records of their last stand. Holes have been chewed through every layer of the hull, and a no Sontaran was left alive. What ever broke into their ship also made off with their cloning vats.

The other ship that crashed long before yours is revealed to be a Dalek science vessel. They met the same fate as the Sontaran ship. However, the deeper you investigate, you find that the Dalek scientists had a particular mission in mind: create an anti-– regeneration serum that would kill any Time Lord stone dead. Their lab equipment, Including the means to run the genetic experiments, have been stripped out of the vessel. There is no sign of the Daleks.

With the tear in the canopy still open, lights pours through and the city begins to regain power. You make your way to the city, where it becomes clear that the entire planet is one giant computer. Dead Osirans line every street. They appear to have simply sat down and starved to death.

Computers will be trying to turn themselves on. If your heroes are naturally curious, they may want to facilitate this. You may also find the audio diaries of an Osiran scientist, who was trying to pierce the fifth dimension. From his records, you find that he succeeded. He made contact with a being of such colossal power, that it could not be contained in anything less then the entire planet size computer as raw information. He named the creature Hostagg.

Hostagg quickly took over the planet. The Osirans launched a payload into the atmosphere to cover the entire planet surface with their smart fabric, forcing the computers to lose power and eventually sleep. Later, the Sontaran ship crashed, and Hostagg gained an army he could clone at will, to do his bidding. Centuries after that, the Dalek ship crashed, and Hostagg gained a revenue of scientists terrified to disobey him. They began genetic experiments, attempting to clone him a viable physical body.

Upon your arrival, the solar panels are soaking up energy again. It is not long before the Sontaran soldiers (with no knowledge of their heritage) and the Dalek scientists come out of the deep-freeze. Hostagg comes online, and demands your obedience.

From here, it is up to you to thwart Hostagg’s attempts at perfecting his physical body. The Dalek scientists theorize that a hybrid of human, Dalek, and Time Lord DNA just might be strong enough to withstand his immense psychic presence. Hostagg Must not be allowed to finish what he started. If he gets off the planet, then the universe will be his.

As with the other mods, we strive to remain faithful to the tone of Doctor Who. Violence is not so appealing a solution as diplomacy and cleverness.

I worked extensively on this mod, recording audio journals for the Sontarans, the Daleks, Hostagg, and the Osiran scientists who discovered him in the first place. Music for this mod comes from the show, as well as the video game Alien: Isolation. It suits the cosmic whore that I wished to capture, more readily than Doctor Who.

Files needed to run the mod can be found here.

I’ve run this game twice with two separate groups, and both times they found it immensely satisfying. I tried to engineer a number of different solutions for them, and both times, they surprised me. 


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