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Doctor Who RPG - The Keys to Fairyland

My second mod was of a completely different stripe. I wanted to do with the show does best: take something familiar and fantasy, or horror, and turn it into something entirely sci-fi.

In this case, our heroes wake up in a pit with no memory of how they got there (courtesy of a memory worm or two), only to find themselves in a literal Magic Kingdom, a fairy land of make-believe.


Every story I’ve written for these mods, is rooted in Doctor Who Mythos. In this case question I lean on the capabilities of the Time Lord Matrix, where anything that you desire can become reality. We first heard about the matrix in the fourth doctor serial, The Deadly Assassin. As our heroes find, someone has created a version of the matrix for their own purposes, and molded to resemble a children’s fairytale. Why they’re doing this, who they are in the kingdom, and what they hope to get out of it, are all mysteries for the heroes to solve.

My ‘fairyland’ is peopled with references to Doctor Who. There is a small but thriving kingdom filled with clockwork people, a tournament of Jousting Judoon takes place every hour on the hour, and outside of town lives a lonely old wizard that strongly resembles an ancient version of the Fourth Doctor.

I thoroughly enjoyed crafting a mystery for my players to solve, taking elements of Kings Quest, where a knickknack or clue from one location would prove useful in another. The motif of keys is relevant as they both figuratively and literally symbolize the power to solve the mysteries of the mod. Not only does the holder of the key possess the ability to unlock every door and answer every question, they have the power to literally shape the kingdom as they see fit.

The game takes place following the time war, and the aftershocks that it had on neighboring planets. We have heard reference in the show of the damage done by the time were on “lesser species”. Here, we actually see some of those aftershocks.

Once more, I selected music from the old and new series of Doctor Who to add flavor to the game, and help create an immersive experience. The files to run the game can be found here.

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