Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Welcome to Joybilant, a theme park planet known across the galaxy as the funnest place in the universe. Your TARDIS is forced to land inside the park, after a sub–space disturbance throws your time capsule off course.


At first glance, the parks seems perfectly normal! The rides are running, the park is full of guests, and the cheery smell of cotton candy and popcorn fills the air. You can even get your picture taken with lovable mascots like Mark the Mouse, Pick-a-Flower Pete, And Hoots the Owl! However…

The deeper you explore the park, the more you see that doesn’t make sense. Why do the rides never stop? Why can’t you talk to any of the guests? And if none of the guests are really here, why are the rides even running? And what’s wrong with the mascots…?

Before long, you realize that nothing about Joybilant is what it seems. Something’s gone very wrong here. In fact, the more you uncover, things have not been right at Joybilant for a very, very long time...

The Wages of Joy is a self-contained mystery that will make the hairs on your neck stand on end. A carefully crafted creep factor slowly builds in intensity as you uncover more and more about what’s happened to the park. A familiar voice warns you of the dangers to come… if you make it out of the park alive.


This mod is the first to be a sequel to a previous work. I’ve taken elements from other episodes–– elements that only ever made a single appearance–– and combined them into something that is hopefully terrifying and gripping. The Scary Bits are some of my favorite moments in Doctor Who history. This is also a mod where you may or may not be able to rescue any of the other handful of survivors on the planet. There are golden days where “everybody lives”, but today is not that day.

Also, please note the primer: A newsletter of sorts to be read before each mod that helps establish tone, as well as throw in some clues about what may or may not happen in this mod, or future mods.

Calliope music, themes from the series, and personally recorded audio all help create an immersive experience that will not soon be forgotten. All the files you need to run this mod can be found here.


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