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Doctor Who Season 10 Spoilerific Speculation and Discussion Thread ("Nothing's Sad 'Til It's Over. Then Everything Is.")

Hello, Whovians! After rewatching “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”, very carefully, mind you, I have absolutely no idea how the new season will begin, much less how it will end. Especially given:


that the Time Lords and Gallifrey are back! Their resurrection, as well as why they couldn’t return in the first place, has been a heart-rending mystery/dilemma since Eccleston (Nine) first reprised the role of The Doctor in 2005 for the show’s long awaited return after being off the air for about two decades.

Will their return, the return of Gallifrey, mean anything to the show? Will the Doctor be at times running missions for the other Time Lords, especially given that he straight up booted (totally exiled) President Rassilon and the rest of the ruling class for &%^ing up all of time and reality by becoming monsters due to their ultimate role in “The Time War”? (In last series season finale, he got rid of the whole ruling class, starting with President Rassilon, and the military claimed allegiance to The Doctor.) There is a great history of The Doctor being conscribed to serve only on Earth, imprisoned, by the Time Lords as a punishment of sorts (and thus his being bound to that one planet), and also of the Time Lords conscripting The Doctor to do their bidding/dirty work/ambassadorship when they don’t know how to be ambassadors themselves.

All I can say is that I have very high hopes for this season. I haven’t said that since the break between NuWho Season 3 and 4! My hopes are so buoyantly buoyed because this is Steven Moffat’s time to shine; he can finally tie up all of his threads, any loose ends or wild hairs, from his tenure as show runner. He can let out whatever best ideas he has left, and I’m sure he has at least one corker. Another reason is because this is also Capaldi’s final season, and anyone who can say with a straight face that his turn last season (especially in the “Heaven Sent” episode, in which he carried the entire hour as the only actor on screen) wasn’t gob-smackingly amazing, is full of shit or a troll (or, in some rare cases, absolutely reasonable, but I’d love to read the rationale below; see punch, immediately below here).

Between Moffatt and Capaldi both wanting to go out with their best material, to create a bang, a really, really, big bang, I think that this stands to be one of the best seasons since the show was revived.


But what do you think? To what are you looking forward? What is your draw?

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