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Doctor Who Series 8 is recreating an iconic image from the show's past

Doctor Who's Series 8 finale will see some old foes return to face Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor - but new pictures from location shooting in London yesterday have revealed that they'll also be treading on some very familiar ground, too. Light Spoilers beyond the cut!


The sight of Cybermen marching down the steps of St. Paul's in The Invasion is a snapshot burned into the minds of Doctor Who fans and into the annals of British popular culture - and 46 years later, it looks like they'll be doing it all over again for a 21st century audience.

The BBC's Doctor Who Twitter posted this glorious image of the latest Cybermen standing guard in front of St. Paul's yesterday, ahead of location filming for Series 8 taking place over the weekend:

Hands on hips, he looks rather smug for an emotionless cyborg (how very Revenge of the Cybermen of him) - but considering the mini-heatwave sweeping across England the past few days, I don't really envy the poor person sweltering inside that Cyber-suit.


It seems the new Cybermen will be going the extra mile compared to their predecessors though, with fans snapping pictures of them marching out of the Cathedral itself as well as down St. Paul's Steps. Although the steps once trod on by their Cyber-ancestors all those years ago have since been modified with seating areas and ramps for disabled access, as a huge fan of the Cybermen there's still something haunting and magical about seeing such an iconic image renewed for the latest series. The alien and the familiar - metal men walk among us!

This isn't the first time that the Cybermen have stomped their way across familiar ground recently - the Cybus-styled Cybermen took to St. Paul's steps in 2010 to promote the opening of The Doctor Who Experience in the Capital, before it eventually made its way to a permanent home in Cardiff.


One things for certain - even if those poor Cybermen actors were roasting in the heat whilst filming, they weren't afraid of having a little fun amongst themselves:



[Location Images via Jo Malley on Twitter: Source 1, 2]

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