Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Pretty much confirming that the 8th season ends on either a 2 or 3-parter, here are some set videos from filming around Saint Paul's cathedral for episode 11, reportedly titled....

...The Gates of Paradise. In our first clip, The Doctor tries to convince the crowd to run away, while Missy sits next to a red phone box and tells people to ignore the ranting Scotsman.


It should be noted that this red phone box has shown up a lot during filming lately. As in, it's been present at just about every exterior scene they've filmed that wasn't in a graveyard. Could it be a clue as to Missy's identity (her own TARDIS perhaps?) just a convenient bit of British set dressing, or maybe something used in conjunction with the plot? (ie: public phones as transmitters for a cyber activation signal)

And in this next clip, we see lots of Cybermen selfies, and a whole platoon of Cybermen being given their marching orders for a repeat of the iconic march down the cathedral steps from The Invasion. What's interesting about the selfies bit is that it looks like they're recording it as part of the episode, and those are actors, not passers by. Judging from some of the shots we've seen earlier, it seems like the Cybermen just sort of show up, march into place and.... wait.

Mind you, considering that the entire planet was invaded by a whole bunch of very similar looking silver guys roughly 5 or 6 years ago, you'd think humanity would be a little more wary about potential alien threats.

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