I haven’t had time to do Doctor Who set report roundups like I used to, but I had the day off and decided to do a rundown on recent filming. Note: Most of the attached images come from #DWSR, and you can find a bunch more over there.

Mark Gatiss’ Ice Warriors episode

They appear to be filming the Ice Warriors episode at the moment in Redcliffe Caves. (presumably doubling for Mars, as that’s where Gatiss says the episode is set.) Capaldi has been spotted wearing a strange space suit, both Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas have been seen on set, there was apparently a scene with a female actress running that involved a large fake rock wall, and while there was one very blurry photo of an Ice Warrior walking down a cave passage (which reminded me quite a bit of Monster of Peladon because of the yellow lighting), but it now appears to have been taken down. There was also some night-filming on a barge in Cardiff bay with a set that faced the water, but nobody got a good look at the set. It’s probably from this episode, but it could also be pickups from the previous one.

Memory Police episode:

There have been several recent photos of a destroyed statue containing electrical components, The Doctor giving some sort of news report on television screens in a Magpie Electrical store, red-suited guards driving Memory Police vehicles, and what appears to be the fossilized remains of the Sibylline Sisterhood from Fires of Pompeii. This appears to be a modern day story, as Cardiff college was once again doubling for Bristol University where Bill is a student/caffeteria worker. Oh, and Nardole’s in this one as well.




The return of Missy:

Finally, they just released this teaser showing Missy. Who knows what episode she’ll be in, since we haven’t seen her on set yet. That probably means she was already in one of the episodes that was all closed sets, or she’s going to be in the next filming block. (which is presumably the season finale or pretty close to it)