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After yesterday's releases of the 'movie-style' posters for 3 of the 4 remaining post-Hide Episodes of Doctor Who's Series 7B, people were wondering why Steven Moffat's Episode 13 had not been revealed. Well, a day later, it has! Click through to learn what sort of ramifications The Doctor and Clara will face...


His secret revealed - Steven Moffat's, that is! Episode 13 will be named The Name of The Doctor!

Not many details that we can muster from the posters, however, they do confirm that Alex Kingston will be returning as River Song for the finalé. Earlier this year, the BBC confirmed that the villains for the episode, seen in multiple trailers for the series so far, are called The Whispermen.

Here's the poster-formatted version of The Name of The Doctor, which is due to air at an unconfirmed time on Saturday May the 18th:


So... is it Clive? Gary? Bernard? Bob Who? Theta-Sigma? Looks like we might find out soon. Let the speculation begin!

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