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Documentary about Terry Pratchett revisiting the orangutans of Borneo. Tonight 21:00 GMT on BBC2

In 1994, fantasy author Terry Pratchett visited the Borneo jungles to meet and film endangered orangutans. Since then, both their fortunes have changed. Orangutan numbers in Indonesia have halved, and for Pratchett, diagnosis with a rare form of Alzheimer’s has confronted him with a sense of his own mortality. While he still can, Pratchett wants to revisit the orangutans again, to see what chance they have, but also to ponder his own looming extinction: as he puts it, “When you’re dying, how do you live your life?” It’s a touching and profound film, as we’ve come to expect from Pratchett. He talks stirringly about the beauty and sheer force of orangutans.

Remembering his meeting with famous alpha male Kusasi, he says, “You absolutely knew that he could take you to pieces. He looked like two Arnold Schwarzeneggers side by side.” He hopes to be reunited with Kusasi, but in the vastness of the jungle, it’s a long shot.



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