Ice Age Giants is a new three-part documentary series from "anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, anthropologist and paleopathologist" Alice Roberts. Starting tonight at 20:00 UK time on BBC2 (time zone converter here) with Land of the Sabre-tooth, it continues for the next two Sundays and will be available on the BBC iPlayer for seven days afterwards (if you want to watch from overseas I've cross-posted Lifehacker's Always Up-to-Date Guide to Streaming Blocked Content Overseas).

I'm really looking forward to this. Alice Roberts' science programmes are always interesting and she's a great presenter. Engaging, smart, (and I may have a teensy crush on her <3).


There's a mini-site at the BBC -… - that has clips and a making-of , and a link to a blog post by one of the producers about how they went about filming extinct creatures in the wild.