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Does Con attitudes and culture change depending on where you are?

I usually don't go to conventions except for two that are here on the island(DCC and PR Comicon), and I notice like a weird feel to them, but I guess is based on the main points to each one(DCC is more about getting stuff, and PR Con is more about seeing cool stuff).
The thing is that the big one(PR Con) which has guest, most of the lines go to voice actors( at least Vic and the guy from Fairy Tale got big ass lines when I went), while everybody else has a small, or no line at all.
The other thing is that I don't really see a big interest in local artist( except maybe the Tripleta, and Yenny), but maybe is because of a lack of education in terms of "People make this here?!?!"kinda thing. At least it is changing on that part since the last con. Also, there are a lot of cosplayers down here.....like a lot.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is a big difference in grooves ( in terms of what people go to, or do) in cons that you have gone to, or at least if you notice different attitudes in different regions.


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