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Does the CW Out-SciFi SyFy?

The 100 recently premiered on the CW, a show about hot teenage criminals being sent from an orbiting space station to try to survive on a post-nuclear Earth via bad choices. Some familiar faces from other genre shows appear, and Henry Ian Cusick does his best North American accent.

When it comes to genre TV, the CW is really going all-in lately (quality notwithstanding). I'm not all that familiar with the network and their content, but looking at their shows page, and if you count Reign as genre television, they're currently airing (I think) nine genre TV shows: Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Reign, Star Crossed, Supernatural, The 100, The Originals, The Tomorrow People, and The Vampire Diaries. (Would Nikita count as well? If so, make it ten.)


Try doing that same check on SyFy's website. First, you can't just click on the Shows tab — it's a mouseover drop-down menu that reverts back to the main page if you mouse off the drop-down box. So that's annoying.

But they also feature shows that are long gone (Battlestar Galactica), shows that haven't yet begun (Ascension, Dominion, The Almighty Johnsons), and at least one show that's on its way out the door (Warehouse 13). Plus eight of their shows are reality shows. So the number of genre TV shows SyFy is airing seems a little skewed.

If you discount reality shows (including ghost hunting stuff), SyFy currently has thirteen original genre shows. But if you discount the ones that have ended or are ending, they're down to 11. And if you discount the import projects from Canada after they've already aired in the True North Strong and Free, and the upcoming Metal Hurlant Chronicles from France, they're down to about seven, and three of those haven't even aired yet.

The CW seems to be nosing ahead of SyFy in SyFy's own game. It's at least giving SyFy a run for its money.

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