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And if so... what would allow that future to be a successful one? Here's a few of my ideas (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW!!)

The story so far;

* Torchwood is, for all intents and purposes, 'dead': it was pretty much totaled at the end of 'Season 3' (aka Children of Earth). Gwen has quit to have a life with Rhys and baby-on-the-way, and Jack is devastated by Ianto's death and by the sins of his past and subsequently leaves Earth behind.


* Season 4, aka Miracle Day, was a major let-down for most fans of the show (and any Whovians who were giving it a try for the first time had a general WTF reaction as well).

* As Season 4 started, Torchwood basically consists of an MIA Jack Harkness, and a baby-mama-in-hiding, Gwen Cooper (with hubby Rhys Williams). JAck gets drawn back to Earth by the mysterious 'Miracle Day" where suddenly nobody can die from even the most horrific injuries... and now immortal Jack is suddenly the only mortal person on Earth!

* Dropping into the mix are CIA agents Esther Drummond (basically a pencil-pusher) and Rex Matheson (the stereotypical macho maverick type)


* blah blah blah: big conspiracy, Jack needs to find himself, Gwen needs to accept that she misses the adventure while trying to balance a newborn and a hubby, Rex and Esther need to accept that Jack and Gwen aren't terrorist criminal outlaws, yadda yadda yadda... Oh, and Lone Star from Spaceballs is a psycho-killer-turned-prophet-turned pawn of the real bad guys... or something.

* Conspiracy revealed, Jack & Gwen save the day, Rex bites the big one, we think Esther is OK, then BANG she's NOT!.... buuuuut then REX COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD! And now that Jack has his immortal mojo back, he somehwo passes it on to Rex, and now he's immortal like Jack! (Oh goodie, Jack has an Immortal playmate now!)


Forgive the overt sarcasm, but so many of us wanted Miracle Day to be 100 times better than it was, based on how good Children of Earth was (for the sake of this post, CoE was awesome, so let's not debate whether it was or not, m'kay?)

And so, we arrive at this point: Torchwood is now Jack, Gwen, and Rex. Two Immortal, one Welsh woman, and Rhys is sort of in the gang now too.


Now the fun part begins: how could Torchwood go to a 5th season, and what elements from the first 4 seasons would need to factor into the revitalization of the show?

Here's a few ideas:

1) Bring back James Marsters as Captain John Hart. He left the episode 'Exit Wounds' on good terms with the group, for the most part, and Marsters and Barrowman play off each other brilliantly.


2) A solid Doctor Who crossover, with the Doc popping up for real on Torchwood.

3) A move forward in exploring Jack's immortality, now that Rex shares the 'affliction'.


4) Mekhai Pfiefer is a good actor: with the right storyline he could really develop the Rex character into something great for Torchwood

5) Jack, Gwen, Rex, Rhys, and (I say) Andy (c'mon, he knows enough to be recruited now!) create a new Torchwood, that ties in with UNIT and all the world's governments, in a effort to be secret but accountable


6) More of the Gwen/Rhys complex relationship, as they attempt to raise a child in the zany Torchwood reality.


7) New characters/team members with substance! We were robbed of Tosh and Owen just when their characters were really starting to shine, and Ianto was also snuffed out too soon. We need more of their caliber characters.


8) Ghosts from the past: it's Torchwood, set in the Whoniverse: why not have Tosh, Owen, and/or Ianto (and, hell, maybe Esther?) come back from the dead, even if only for one episode?

9) As with Doctor Who: get some damned good sci-fi/fantasy writers in to write episodes!


OK, I open it to you, O-Deckers! What do you think could make the show a success?

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