People with hard to pronounce names are perceived to be less truthworthy than those with easy to pronounce names.

Whelp, I'm screwed.

As someone with an unconventional name, I am well aware of its pitfalls. What's interesting about this study, is that they seem to have controlled for racial aspects, asking participants to choose between Lubov and Yevgeny, or Bodo and Svea.

It'd be naive to think that race doesn't also play an aspect in the real world. My parents gave me to the option to adapt a traditional American name when I was a kid. I refused, cause my name is awesome and I love it. But sometimes I can't help worry that this will negatively affect me, especially when I go on the job market.

Either way, with studies like these, hopefully people will try and be aware of any unconscious biases. Don't judge a person by their name!