There is a reddit subsite known as /r/DonaldandHobbes that has taken Trump’s head, imposed it onto Calvin’s body to reinterpret the boy’s whims and fantasies. The results are not just accurate, but scary in their representation. Still, its all in good fun.

Calvin and Hobbes is the creation of Bill Waterson and follow the antics and adventures of Calvin, a precocious six year old boy along with imaginary pal, Hobbes the tiger.

The tupeed head of everyone’s favorite Republican Presidential Candidate is added to better depict his Trumpisms.


But Trump supporters have nothing to worry about, this is all a fictional portrayal. This man is known for his levelheadedness, after all. A man who wants Capitol Hill to back him in his attacks on the parents of a fallen soldier, or insults a senator’s Native American heritage by referring to her as Pocahontas, or demanding a woman get out of his rally because her baby won’t stop crying.


The way Trumps different facial expressions are used is just brilliant.

Head on over there for a belly-laugh or three, won’t you?