So we've all probably seen XXX; some of us probably have it tucked away in the depths of our DVD collection, unwilling to watch it again but unwilling to get rid of it because it's just so damn awesome and embarrassing all at the same time.

(Note: I keep my copy for the same exact reasons.)

Here's a few things about this scene:

Xander dislikes Senator Hotchkiss because Hotchkiss is a jerk reactionary fear-monger who blames skateboarding, rap music, video games and anyone not white for the problems of America. We are not supposed to like this man... so Xander up and steals his car, rigs it with cameras, and drives it off of a bridge to teach Hotchkiss a lesson, all while intoning that video games aren't the cause of violence, but rather a form of education (or rather, the sole form of education for his demographic.) This whole sequence is purposely done up in the trappings of a GTA-like video game mission to drive home Xander's point.

...Here's where it falls apart. Xander steals a car, rigs it with cameras, and drives it off of a bridge and then says that video games are not the cause of any of this, essentially blaming all of this on Hitchkiss himself for his point of view.

Either this is like the least stealthy anti-video game message of all time or the most. Ten years later, I still haven't figured it out.

Also this happened to me while researching for this post. Sigh. Excuse me while I go have a chat with HR.