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In honor of Wes Craven, I’m watching The Hills Have Eyes for the first time tonight. I don’t have much background on it, and so far it’s pretty creepy. What do you all think about it?

How does it rank among the rest of Craven’s oeuvre? Is the sequel any good? How about the remake? I’m pretty sure the dogs won’t make it, but please tell me the nothing happens to the baby.


P.S. I’m really hoping it doesn’t have the “hilarious” comedy relief of Last House on the Left.

Update: The old man’s backstory sounds very familiar. Is his last name Whateley (as in “The Dunwich Horror”)?

Update 2: The Beast is the best doggie ever! This was really raw and really good. I could have been okay with a denounent scene, but bravo, Craven. Bravo.

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