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Don't Go Into the Water!

Because something's in there with you...

Scotland, land of many mythical and cryptozoological creatures, has a new pair of statues to draw in tourists and fans of weird animals, alike. Andy Scott, a Glasgow-based sculptor recently completed The Kelpies - two massive water horses emerging from pools alongside the Forth and Clyde canal between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The two 30m high heads are coated in stainless steel and lit from the inside producing an impressive, if slightly disconcerting effect. Horses, after all, are large creatures, but The Kelpies loom. To celebrate them (and promote Scotland in the US), New York's Tartan Week will see a film documenting the Kelpies' construction.


Fortunately for the rest of us, the BBC has a sped-up version of the film available to watch here.

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