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Don't like exercise? This new drug may make you fit!

Scripp's Research Institute has developed a compound that they call SR9009, when it's used with mice that were not allowed to exercise the mice showed an increase in lean muscle mass as well as being able to run longer distances.

The compound works by activating a protein Rev-ErbAα. This protein works by increasing fat and sugar burning in the liver, influencing the production of fat cells, and the body's inflammatory response. All this work can be attributed to Professor Thomas Burris and his team of TSRI, who initially found that it was able to reduce obesity in populations of mice.


If the effects can be reproduced in human trials, this could be a tremendous step forward in increase the general physical health of humans everywhere! Not to mention use as a potential treatment for some common diseases like: severe arthritis, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other conditions that restrict the ability to exercise. General obesity, Type-II diabetes and various metabolic syndromes may even be affected too!

“The animals actually get muscles like an athlete who has been training,” said Burris. “The pattern of gene expression after treatment with SR9009 is that of an oxidative-type muscle – again, just like an athlete.”


If it's successful, this could easily be mixed in with protein powders and shakes currently on the market for desired effects! More testing and data will of course be following, and many of us around the world will be awaiting the results most certainly!



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