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So after the recent announcement about the release of Legacy of Romulus, I decided to hop back in to Star Trek Online and catch up. Now, I'm playing an epic length 'Season' of quests where I'm fighting to retake DS9 after the Prophets dumped the Dominion Fleet that Sisko asked them to erase back in 2374 into the current timeline (roughly 2409). When did STO get this awesome?

I've been to Bajor and the Gamma Quadrant. Fought Jem'hadar, Smiley O'Brien's son and his Mirror Universe Terrans and Cardassian True Way terrorists. Combated Pah-wraiths in the fire caves, even played Dabo with Leeta (with Chase Masterson actually voicing her!), as well as having Prophet visions via Orbs, and losing (as well as currently retaking) DS9. This is practically Deep Space Nine: The Fanservice: This Time it's Personal Fanservice-ier. I love it!


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