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Doom Patrol 1x02 -- "Donkey Patrol"

A.K.A. “The One That Introduces Cyborg.”


I was surprised not only by how much I enjoyed Cyborg in this episode, but also by how well he fit in. Like a lot of others, I wondered why Cyborg was in a Doom Patrol show since he has never been a part of the Doom Patrol in any incarnation. And, well, that’s why. He’s there to be the “established superhero” while the Doom Patrol are stuck in the “We can’t do anything to help” mode. And it works out well, especially since Jovian Wade plays Cyborg really well and we’re able to skip all of the “I’m a monster!” doom and gloom part of his origin.

Gif: Cyborg’s origin in a nutshell.

I also love how they are continually deepening the characters, even as we go stranger and stranger into the story. We’re getting to see more and more how the characters operate and how they lived in the past, but also how they live now — mainly, in denial. And now that they have to actually save someone, they have to get over that denial.

God, this show is so good at juxtaposing the weird and the tragic. I don’t know if that was actually Mott Bomer underneath all that makeup in the end, but watching him take off the bandages to David Bowie’s “Lazarus” was just amazing, especially since that song was Bowie’s last.


Meanwhile, the Cliff and Jane friendship grows better and stronger, as we learn more about Jane and her personalities (and man am I glad they are keeping the Underground from the comics — I really hope they have an episode where Cliff has to go inside the Underground to help Jane, too). Having Cliff make Jane a PB&J sandwich like his daughter was sweet, but Jane throwing it back with “Three of us are gluten free, twelve of us are allergic to peanuts, and FUCKING NONE OF US ARE YOUR DAUGHTER” reminds us that, well, she’s right. He’s trying to use her as a substitute daughter and that isn’t right either — so he has to simply tell her the truth and tell her that he wants to make sure she’s safe. Which is the only thing that works.

Also, I love that inside the Donkey (can it call it Donkeyworld? the Donkeysphere?) everyone was able to hear Mr. Nobody’s narration. That was Grant Morrison as fuck.


Goddammit, I can’t wait for the next episode.

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