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Dorothy meets Alice in an asylum...

My wife has been working with Pearry Teo (Gene Generation, Necromentia) to help promote his new project Bedlam Stories (bedlamstories.com) which is a book (and also exists as a screenplay) that was just released. The premise is interesting, Nellie Bly, Dorothy (yep, that Dorothy) Alice (again, yep, that Alice), OZ and Wonderland, oh and an insane asylum. the genre isn't my cup of tea, but the writing is pretty good, and the concept seems decently executed (I'm midway through reading the physical copy my wife ordered and it seems entertaining thus far).

Anyway, where am I going with this? I'm posting here because today and tomorrow the kindle version of the book is free (http://www.amazon.com/Bedlam-Stories…), and I figured that there may be a few of you who find this interesting, and free is the best price out there.

(I promise I won't spam the community with this, and apologize if this seems to be more of an ad than anything else, mostly I just figured that some of you might be interested and may appreciate a free e-book. Also, I didn't want to hide behind a random "hey check out this free book" post, full disclosure is always best.)

Oh and because you've read this far, here's Chad Michael Ward's take on the Cheshire Cat:


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