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This week, I've seen two very good movies - here are my thoughts (Okay, technically I saw Prisoners last week, but I was busy and didn't have time to review it here)

So, let's reviews these bad boys:


When his daughter and her friend gets kidnapped, a father (Hugh Jackman) will do everything to get them back, including kidnapping and torturing the main suspect, a young man with the IQ of a 10-years old (Paul Dano). Meanwhile, the officer on the case (Jake Gyllenhal) is racing against time to get the girls back safe and sound.

Prisoners is hands down one of the best thirllers I,ve seen recently. It's tight, it's tense, it asks good question, and has well-crafted twist. It,s really worth the 150 minutes. The acting is stellar, and the direction is near-perfect. And no, I'm not saying that because the director is a Quebecer (Denis Villeneuve, who directed the Oscar-nominated Incendies, which everybody should track down and be punched to the gut by). It,s really a good movie, which does lose a bit a steam around the 2 hours mark but gets back on track quick enough you won,t care much.


The true story of the rivalry between Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), two gifted Formula One pilot whose very different view of life and what it meant to be a champion will lead them to clash on the track and develop a bond that is not really friendship, but is equally strong.


Again, a movie that contains a lot of tension and succeeds because of the skill of its director and its two stars. Its pacing might be a little slower than expected considering the subject, but it is constant and never falter. The best scenes are the ones where Lauda and Hunt trades snarks, friendly insults and advices. While the trailer and poster gives the impression that film's focus is on Hunt, it's really on both equally, and one could even argue it's more on Lauda. Neither character gets portrayed more positively than the other - they are both likable assholes, but for different reasons.

It's also very accessible even if you have no knowledge of the people involved or the sport. I didn't know about those people, in fact I know absolutely nothing about Formula One, apart from a few names (which I seem to forgotten apart Hakkinen and Villeneuve) and the fact that Jacques Villeneuve is a terrible singer. The mvoie explains things very well without requiring heavy exposition.


So, yeah, their not SF nor fantasy, but they are both movies to see. Any Comments? Questions? Insults?

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