Today I saw not one, but 2 movies. SO here are my non-spoilery thoughts on them. Spoilers in the comments are allowed, but ONLY if they are preceded by a spoiler tag. And yes, I know I am late to the party with The World's End but it just opened in my location.

The World's End:

This movie is awesome and hilarious! I think Hot Fuzz is still the better installment of the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy for me, but this one was still an hilarious riot. I especially liked Simon Pegg screw-up character, and Martin Freeman was great in the second half of the movie... I also lurved the final confrontation. Great stuff.

Insidious 2:

I liked this movie as much as I liked the first one. That means I thought it was a competent movie with nifty ideas and good performance, but those two comic reliefs were annoying and unnecessary. I don,t get why this one is getting so many bad reviews and the first one got so many glowing reviews - they are both equally good but not great for me. I know Insidious has been hailed as supremely scary but I still don't get it. It,s said to be scarier than the Exorcist (which funnily enough is also the quote on the DVD of the Ring, which I thought was a bit better than Insidious, but it's been a while), but the Exorcist makes me uneasy every time I rewatch. Insidious didn't scare me at all. But then I think that I was so easily scared as a kid that my brain finally got fed up and made me immune to most scary movies. The last movie that scared me was Black Swan.


So, if you thought Insidious was awesome and scary, maybe trust Meredith and avoid it. If not, I say go for it. If you haven't seen Insidious 1, you might want to check it out anyway - the friend I had with me loved Insidious 2 and had not seen the first one.