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Double trouble down under

In a few hours we wave goodbye to Doctor Who, at least in the form of Peter Capaldi. And we get a double dose in David Bradley’s recreation of the First Doctor. Coincidentally, about 50 years ago we were also graced with a double Doc. Kind of. Second Doctor Patrick Troughton crossed swords with a devilish doppelganger down under.

The fifth season of Doctor Who continued its high octane burn with political intrigue in Australia - a dramatic look ahead at 2018 where a scheming politician plots world domination, humiliating allies and enemies alike, and causing ecological havoc in his wake. Thank god we don’t have anyone like that in real life.


This is one of those serials that lodged itself in my mind, not that I would see it again for 45 years. I can’t think of another Doctor Who adventure quite like it. The Enemy Of The World started on December 23, 1967 with The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe larking around on an Aussie beach before being attacked. The Time Lord (not that we knew him as such just yet) is the spitting image of Salamander. The Doctor is soon roped in to a conspiracy to prove Salamander is not acting the best interest of the world. He is in fact responsible for a series of earthquakes causing calamity and famine across the globe.

Patrick Troughton took on a duel role for the six episodes which led up to a fatal face-to-face confrontation in the TARDIS control room. Enemy was directed by Barry Letts, a debut for the man who would produce Doctor Who during the Pertwee years.

The serial was released on DVD and VOD a few yeas ago. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

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