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Doubt and Please Save My Earth, weekly recommendations

Well I had a very busy week because I just got a job working nine to six (which I am not used to) so I was exhausted today. I decided to order a pizza and watch Please Save My Earth.

Please Save My Earth is a good series (it's only six episodes so it kinda counts as a film if you watch it all in one go). It's about a group of teenagers who find out they used to be aliens observing the moon from the earth. They try to find everyone else so that they can find out more about who they are, but have some problems along the way.

I also need to talk about a book, because otherwise it wouldn't be a weekly comic book review (though I'll probably be doing more anime). So here comes Doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai.


Doubt is about a group of people who play a game called Rabbit Doubt and decide to meet up in real life. In the game, everyone is a rabbit except for one person, who is the wolf. The wolf is the only person who knows how to win and it is that person's job to trick all the others. The other people have to try and find the wolf as fast as possible so that they know how to win the game.

That's all I'm saying so as not to spoil. But you can guess where it's going as it's a horror.

What makes it scary though is the fact that it doesn't go for cheap thrills, but is more psychologically scary and unsettling. The whole story is written very well and realistic.


Also the artwork, being in black and white, is done very well. Sometimes when I'm reading a manga I get the feeling that it would look good in colour as well, with Doubt I didn't have that at all. The artwork was done very well, and added a lot to the mystery and fear of the book.

Overall, it's a great read. And I highly recommend it.

What are you guys doing this summer, are you having a holiday, and what do you recommend?


Plus, I haven't had any reactions yet. So do you think I should keep going, or stop and find something else to write about? The idea was that people could read this to find new things to read or watch, and post about cool things they think others should watch. Any advice is welcome.

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